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Atlanta, Georgia
United States

KYE is a gourmet herbal teahouse that blends handcrafted organically grown ingredients. KYE was established on the foundation of "going back to nature." Each elixir is uniquely designed to provide holistic health- a total mind, body, and soul balance. Let go and let the tea flow!

Herb Diary

DIY: Growing a Pineapple

Kye Organic Teahouse

  1. Select a nice looking pineapple.

  2. Chop or twist the top off your pineapple so that only the stem is left.

  3. Start peeling several layers of leaves off. You’ll need to see little brown dots on the stem.

  4. Next, grab a cup of water. Place your pineapple top in it, so that the root area is saturated but the leaves aren’t soaking.

  5. Place your top outdoors, giving it plenty of sun. Change the water every week or so, to prevent mold.

  6. The next step is to wait! In about 2-3 weeks, you will see some nice roots.

  7. You’re now ready to plant! Grab a large pot, or find a good spot in your yard.

  8. To plant in a pot, just fill your pot with some soil. Dig a small hole in the middle, and place your pineapple top. Spread some soil around the top, to cover the stem area and gently press the soil down. Don’t cover the leaves. Place in an area that gets plenty of sun, and you’re done!

  9. For watering, they don’t need much. Often, natural rain will be sufficient. When you initially plant, give it a little water and make sure to water the center of the plant.

  10. Depending on your plant, it will take at least 2 years to fruit.