Citrus on Top


A great way to add healthful benefits and delicious flavor to a cup of tea is to add freshly squeezed citrus juice once the tea has steeped. The are a couple of ways to do this. First, simply cut the lemon/lime in half. Next you can either, 

1. Squeeze it by hand: Just squeeze all of the juice out of the lemon/lime into your cup. This allows you to get all those essential oils from the peel absorbed into your hand (don't forget to wash your hands before doing this.) 


2. Use a citrus juice press: Place the lemon/lime in press. Viola, all done! This method is a lot quicker and holds all of the seeds. 

Adding fresh lemon/lime to tea can help improve digestion, clear mucus, enhances mental clarity, and boosts immune health. If at anytime you are feeling slightly under the weather, just add a squeeze of fresh lemon/lime juice. Also, tangerines and grapefruits add lovely flavor to tea with an added touch of sweetness. 

Kye TeahouseComment