Going Raw


Lately, there's been a growing buzz about raw vegan diet. A raw vegan regimen is a commitment to a truly new way of living for the average individual. Before diving head first into the world of rawness, I’ve compiled a list of the nine paramount gains that you’d want to know.

  1. Raw foods are often referred to as "living" foods.

  2. Its extremely high in enzymes that help to digest foods.

  3. Highly alkaline to optimize bodily functions.

  4. Endless food combinations can be created.

  5. You can expect guaranteed weight loss.

  6. Food preparation may be lengthy.

  7. Foods can be heated up to 115 degrees F.

  8. It consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, oils and herbs.

  9. Often involves sprouting, blending, dehydrating and juicing.

Making an effort to execute a raw vegan diet can be an ambitious one. When you weigh out the innumerable health benefits that lie within these living foods, "going raw" may be something to consider.

Kye TeahouseComment